Will this nonsense ever be over?!

The latest on the little tiff between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom comes from many different eye witnesses who were dining at the Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain.

One eye witness reported that Bloom took a “running jump” at the pop star. Model Anastasia Kolkova is saying that Orlando was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio when Justin, who did not have a reservation – OH NO he didn’t – approached their table looking for some conversation.

(How dare he!?!?)

Leo then proceeded to "shoo" Justin away, according to dailymail.co.uk. Naturally Justin become angered and the fight began. Bloom reportedly jumped over a couch to get to the 20-year old. (All mature adults here, of course.)

AND THEN – surprise, surprise – the Pirates of the Caribbean hottie threw a punch just before security intervened.

Shows over, nothing to see here!

As soon as security stepped away, the fight started up again, to which the audience – we mean, fellow diners and on lookers – began to chant and cheer after Orlando threw another punch. (Lindsey Lohan laughed, naturally.... yeah apparently she was there too!)

Bloom eventually called it quits and left the restaurant once security got involved a second time, and Lindsey Lohan went to comfort the 'Baby' singer. (Ugh, she’s so responsible, bless her heart.)

Stand-by for the next installment.... because YOU KNOW there will be one!



Thumbnail Source: TMZ