Justice Crew, Australia's Got Talent winners dance their way through the Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee Lounge. The group of six stopped by to perform a Medley and their latest hit, "Que Sera."

Justice Crew originally formed as a dance crew for the worlds hip hop dance championships. After performing there things died down for the group for a while until the opportunity to audition for Australia's Got Talent came about, which they won. That was five years ago and now the dance crew is performing and putting out records.

On when Justice Crew decided to take on music,

"After we won Australia's Got Talent we sort of got the opportunity to record with Sony Music because we had such a big following too and like we can only do so much as dancers, you can't really communicate and connect with the fans and things like that just by dancing; well you can but with a microphone you can do more as an entertainer."

With two number ones and breaking records from the last 40 years, Justice Crew have made the best out of their opportunity within the past five years. Discover new things about JC members not even the group knew amongst themselves, what it was like working with Flo-Rida and who can do the most push-ups in a battle against Flo-Rida.

Watch the full interview and performances below as the Justice Crew members put on a epic show.

Justice Crew Photos: