YouTube pop sensation, Tiffany Houghton sits down and chats briefly with Paul The Web Guy. The Dallas native performs three songs, "The Best," "Band Boy" and "Glitter." Tiffany tells us a little about her musical influence and how she started her career,

"I always loved music. I've always looked up to singer/songwriters such as Katy Perry, Vanessa Carlton, Taylor Swift is obviously on there. Shania Twain, I love her, Avril Lavigne."

"I went to Nashville for the first time when I was 15 years old, just to pretty much give coffee to these songwriters and producers that I was in the same room as, just to kind of see what was going on there and I fell in love with the process of making music. So I decided I needed to graduate high school early, as soon as I could and get out there and start my career."

Currently touring with MKTO catch her live performances and full interview below.

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