T.Mills who's currently touring with Rixton all over the U.S. and Canada for the 'Broken Heart' month long tour, came through to the Dunkin Donuts Lounge and performed "Riverside Girl" and his recent single available on iTunes, "All I wanna do" alongside his guitarist, Keith.

In a short interview, the cool haired Cali native offered some quick hair tips on how he styles his hair,

"I wake up, I kind of tousle and tassel it around, spray it and walk out."

T.Mills explains to Shelly Rome how he prepares for shows and to go on tour with Rixton,

"We just lock ourselves in a rehearsal space and I don't let anyone leave until the set is perfect."

Shelley Rome asks T.Mills about his recent single, All I wanna Do video and casting. He explains how he did the casting and shooting the video in California's historic hotel, The Madonna Inn. Catch T.Mills on tour this month and get the full DD Lounge experience below!


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