(Ben Yakas) The clock may be resting perilously at 14:59, but Anthony Weiner is still finding ways to stay in the public eye, whether it means submitting to interviews with Sean Hannity or throwing tantrums over little kid's pee. GQ has the latest look at the former candidate, and it may be the saddest peek into the Carlos Danger's psyche yet—it's one in which he calls himself "an empty, soulless vessel," arrogantly dismisses the reporter, and clings onto the notion that he was just not born at the right time to be mayor: “And maybe if the Internet didn’t exist? Like, if I was running in 1955? I’d probably get elected mayor.”

The piece, "The Year of Living Carlos Dangerously," pointedly starts with reporter Marshall Sella offering Weiner his theory about sexting and the hypocrisy of the electorate: "Weiner mulled over my generational theory, then called it 'overly simplistic,' which is what people always say when they want to gain the intellectual high ground on a topic." Even after he's been ridiculed in public for his arrogance, even with the opportunity to put a final spin in one of the last post-mortem pieces on his failed campaign, Weiner can't help himself.

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