In a shocking revelation, as many as six off-duty cops were among the motorcyclists involved in the brutal attack of Alexian Lien on the West Side Highway. DNAinfo New York reports that the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is looking into what role, if any, the off-duty officers played in the high speed chase of Lien's Range Rover and beating of Lien.

It was first revealed that an off-duty narcotics officer allegedly watched as the bikers pulled Lien from his car and beat him in front of his wife and child. Now, allegedly two detectives, one sergeant, and three police officers in total were either on the highway when the bikers confronted Lien or witnessed the attack.

Sources tell DNAinfo New York that the officers will likely be disciplined for not immediately coming forward and telling their supervisors that they attended the biker rally. The question remains, why did they stand around and do nothing to stop the attack of Lien?

Photo Credit: YouTube