New Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson appears to be living up to his promise to stop prosecuting individuals who are caught with small amounts of marijuana, according to a memo obtained by the NY Post. "When a defendant has neither a criminal record nor an open arrest or warrant, it makes no sense for the criminal justice system, including a District Attorney’s Office, to devote its scarce resources to lengthy case processing," the memo, which was reportedly sent to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, states, adding that low-level marijuana arrests unfairly impact "young people of color." Indeed, they do.

In 2012, 12,732 people were arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana in Brooklyn, where blacks were nine times more likely to be arrested for the offense than whites. According to the memo, the Brooklyn DA’s office processed 8,500 arrests in 2013 in which the top charge was Class B possession of marijuana, and "more than two-thirds of those cases ended up being dismissed."



Photo Credit: Getty Images