New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has nominated former Attorney General John Degnan as chairman of the Port Authority.

If confirmed by the state senate, he would replace David Samson, who resigned last month. 

Degnan is a registered Democrats and served as New Jersey's Attorney General from 1978 to 1981.  Christie praised his record and said his credentials are unquestioned.

"It is really heartening to me to know that there's someone of John's experience and John's background who is willing to step forward and take on a very challenging task," Christie said.

The Port Authority has undergone changes since the Bridgegate scandal, with several top officials resigning. 

Earlier this week, Senator Chuck Schumer even proposed a reform of the bi-state agency that would limit the influence of the New Jersey and New York governors.  He wants one executive chosen by the Port Authority's board of commissioners, rather than having the governors each select an executive.


Photo Credit: Getty Images