Mayor Bill de Blasio believes everyone should follow the rules of the road, but he refused to criticize his driver who was caught speeding.

"There needs to be a respect for the fact that the NYPD provides security and they do it in a very professional manner and I will not get into a discussion of their security protocols," de Blasio said.  "That's just a red line from my point of view."

It was last week that cameras caught de Blasio's official SUV speeding and running a pair of stop signs.  That came just two days after the mayor unveiled "Vision Zero," his plan for making New York City's streets safer.

On Monday the mayor said everyone should obey the city's traffic laws, including himself.  Still, he refused to criticized his driver.

"If the NYPD in any given instance believes there's a security reason for doing something a certain way, I think that's important to recognize and respect," he said.

De Blasio has come under increased scrutiny for a series of events during his first two months in office.  De Blasio says that's part of the job of being mayor.

"I think the notion that there's going to be scrutiny again is baked into this whole reality," de Blasio said.  "If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen, as Harry Truman used to say."

Photo Credit: Getty Images