Mayor Bill de Blasio is pushing to ban carriage horses, using an accident this week to support his argument.

On Wednesday afternoon, a horse was startled by a bus on 59th Street and fell over, knocking the carriage onto its side.

Speaking on Thursday, de Blasio said these kinds of accidents will continue happening as long as the carriage horse industry continues to operate.

"I have seen so many of these accidents.  The one yesterday was not the first one.  It was one in a long line of accidents," he said.  "And it's for a very simple reason - horses don't belong on the streets of New York City."

De Blasio called the accident a "very dangerous situation" and said there will continue to be similar incidents until the city ends the use of horse carriages.

"A horse was spooked by bus nearby.  A horse is not supposed to be right next to a bus in the middle of the biggest city in the country.  It's common sense," de Blasio said.

Advocates for carriage horses continue to defend the industry.  They say it's safe and the horses are well cared for.


Photo Credit: Getty Images