A defiant Michael Grimm is vowing not to resign his place in Congress despite 20 counts of federal tax fraud indictment. It is being reported today that he will soon meet with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor where the two will ostensibly discuss the New York Republican’s situation.

Politico reports:


“With Michael Grimm, he’s going to have to make his case to his constituents and make his case in court,” Cantor said.


Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) also ducked the question on Grimm’s future on Tuesday, noting that the New York Republican have already given up his seat on the Financial Services Committee.


“I think all members should be held to the highest ethical standards,” Boehner told reporters. “Mr. Grimm is under indictment. He resigned from his committee assignment and I think he made the right decision.”

Given the precarious balance of power in Washington D.C. at the moment, some analysts have suggested that a Grimm resignation could give that seat to the Democratic party, which in turn could help give the majority of the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party.

Photo Credit: Getty Images