It may turn out to be too little too late, but Republican candidate Joe Lhota went on the attack during Tuesday night's mayoral debate with Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio. Lhota and de Blasio went on numerous angry exchanges during the hour-long debate with both candidates trading barbs.

De Blasio accused Lhota's new ad, that suggests the city would return to its pre-Giuliani crime days if de Blasio were elected, of "race baiting" and "fear mongering." At one point when de Blasio claimed the ad was filled with racial imagery Lhota asked, "What is the color of the sky on your planet?" De Blasio then responded by saying, ""Mr. Lhota appears to think he has his own planet."

De Blasio continued his aggressive approach, but Lhota seemed more prepared to fight back during Tuesday night's debate. Both candidates also traded shots at each other's former bosses. De Blasio continued to use Giuliani to warn voters that Lhota will continue to divide the city. Meanwhile, Lhota snapped back saying that the "murders that happened, the race riots that happened" under David Dinkins were the reason he lost to Giuliani in the 1993 election.

In recent polls taken before Tuesday night's debate, de Blasio led by over 40 points.

You can watch CBS 2's recap here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Pool