(Rebecca Fishbein) In what appears to be a battle of the gym teacher stereotypes, a former gym teacher at a Manhattan private school claims his boss, a lesbian, fired him for being too straight. The War on Men is on, America.

Gregory Kenney, a 50-year-old Long Island resident and married father of three, says he was employed as a gym teacher and coach at the Trinity School on the Upper West Side for 16 years; but in June 2012, athletic director Pat Krieger allegedly let him go because of his "traditional family status," according to the suit. Before Kenney was fired, he says Krieger dumped three coaching positions on him instead of his required two, working him extra hours on nights and weekends and keeping him from his familial obligations. When Kenney complained, according to the suit, Krieger told him "We all make choices," and berated him. "I love the school. I love my job. I enjoyed the kids I was with and the classes I taught, but I have a wife and family. I'm not 16," he told the Daily News.

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