Just when New Yorkers thought they were in the clear, there are rumors that former governor Eliot Spitzer is planning to run for office again. New York Posts's Richard Johnson is reporting that Spitzer, who recently lost to Scott Spitzer in the Democratic primary for city comptroller, isn't ready to give up on returning to political office just yet.

Spitzer, who resigned as governor in 2008 following a prostitution scandal, allegedly was overheard saying his recent unsuccessful bid for office will only make it easier for him to run for office the next time. So what political office does Spitzer have his eye on next? According to the NY Post report, Spitzer may run for state attorney general against Eric Schneiderman, who Spitzer has criticized for being weak. Another possibility is running for state comptroller against Tom DiNapoli.

Despite the report from the NY Post, Eliot Spitzer's spokeswoman Lisa Linden told Politcker that Spitzer is not considering a return to politics. “Eliot is not contemplating a run for office," Linden said. "His conversation at lunch had nothing to do with politics. He’s focused on the family real estate business.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images