A deal has been reached that will avert a Long Island Railroad strike planned for this weekend.

“This is a compromise by both parties after four long years,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.  “Compromise by definition means that neither side gets everything that they wanted to get.  But it means that we reach an agreement and we can move forward."

Governor Cuomo helped broker the deal, getting directly involved in negotiations on Wednesday night.  He then ordered the MTA and unions to his Manhattan office yesterday to finalize an agreement.

In the end, the sides agreed to a 6 and ½ year contract that will give workers a 17 percent raise.  All employees will contribute 2 percent of their pay to health care costs.  New hires will pay into their pensions longer and it will take them more time to reach higher pay grades.

Both sides called this a fair compromise.

“You may not be able to achieve exactly what you want, but in the spirit of getting to a deal that’s fair and reasonable, takes care of the needs of the employees, protects the commuters and the MTA’s long term financial stability that is what’s required,” said MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast.

The deal comes just a couple days after talks collapsed with both sides saying they were at an impasse.

Workers threatened to walk off the job at 12:01 Sunday morning, leaving commuters wondering how they would get to work Monday morning.


Photo Credit: Getty Images