(Rebecca Fishbein) A legally-blind Queens teenager says she's so fed up with being tormented by school bullies, she and her family are suing their parents, arguing that bullying is a "learned behavior."

Howard Beach resident Caitlin Rocco, 16, says she's been tortured by her fellow students since middle school, with some bullies going so far as to threaten her with rape and murder. "One girl pushed me into the bus lane and said ‘I wish there had been a bus coming because then you would’ve died and I would’ve been happy,'" Caitlin, who is legally blind, told CBS News, noting she has been hospitalized for having suicidal thoughts on more than one occasion. "I thought that I would never have friends. I thought that I would never live a happy, fulfilling life. And I sort of just lost the will to live because of that."

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Photo: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock