(Lauren Evans) The process of voting has been around as long as democracy itself, and yet, we just can't seem to figure out how to do it effectively. Google is on the cusp of releasing a pair of glasses that employs bone conduction to transmit sound, but ahead of Tuesday's election, the city is lugging out voting machines forged in the 1960s, eschewing the new $95 million electronic system in favor of the aging relics.

After widespread reports of long lines and general mayhem following the debut of the new system last year, the Board of Elections has opted go back in time and dust off the creaky, 800-pound lever machines, to the irritation of candidates and the current mayor alike. But BOE executive director Michael Ryan told the Times there wasn't any other way.

“I think that there are naysayers in every walk of life, and some people just like to harp on the darker side of life,” he told the paper. “We’re a lot more optimistic here about this election coming off, and the election coming off successfully.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ethan Miller