Rob Astorino is responding to Chris Christie's public lack of support in his campaign to run for governor of New York

Christie, who is a chairman of the Republican Governor's Association, opted out of helping fund Astorino's campaign because he feels that Andrew Cuomo will win by a substantial amount of votes.

Christie stated, “We don't pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes...If the New York race becomes competitive, I’ll consider campaigning in the New York race, but right now, by the public polls, there’s a lot more competitive races. I will spend time in places were we have a chance to win."

In return, Astorino suggested that maybe Christie should step down as Chairman of the RGA if he is not willing to help out his fellow Republican candidates. He also alluded to the possibility of Governor Cuomo knowing information about Christie's Bridgegate scandal that he doesn't want released.



Source: New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Getty Images