(NEWSER) – One year later, the Jersey shore will be lit up to mark today's anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. Residents of a dozen shore cities will stand along the coast, shining flashlights, at sundown tonight. That's about the time Sandy made landfall, Reuters reports. More on the anniversary:

  • New York will also remember, with subway fees waived today for residents of areas most affected by Sandy.
  • Thousands of residents who were displaced by the storm still aren't home one year later, NBC News reports. While some families are living in homes that are partially repaired, others don't have enough money to rebuild and are still fighting red tape in order to get their insurance companies to pay, while they live with relatives or rental apartments.
  • Plus, just $5.2 billion of the $60 billion federal aid package has actually been doled out, the New York Daily News reports. And as one critic, Sen. Tom Coburn, pointed out, $65 million of that was spent on tourism-boosting TV ads. But a second $5 billion round of funding will be released soon and lawmakers are promising aid will be flowing faster now; by the end of the year several hundred homes will be fixed per day.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mario Tama