There won’t be a march across the Verrazano Bridge to protest the death of Eric Garner.  Instead, the Reverend Al Sharpton is planning a “Justice Caravan” of cars and buses.

Protesters will cross the bridge in vehicles before marching to the office of Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

“We want the D.A. to say that he is either going to make an arrest on probable cause or give the case to the feds,” Sharpton said.

Garner died on Staten Island last month after he was put in an apparent chokehold by a police officer.  The incident was caught on video.

Sharpton and his supporters initially planned to march across the bridge, but several lawmakers urged him to reconsider because the protest would shut down traffic.  Sharpton obliged, saying his goal wasn’t to slow down traffic.

“Our goal is to speed justice up,” he said.

The rally is planned for August 23rd.