A SWAT team responded to a home on Long Island after authorities received a call that a teen had killed his mother and brother.  But it was all part of a hoax known as "swatting."

A 17 year old inside the Long Beach home reportedly defeated another person in the video game "Call of Duty."  To get revenge, the second person allegedly called authorities with the fake emergency.

Police Commissioner Michael Tangney called this a terrible problem that is happening nationwide.

"When people are playing a video game, if they lose they call the police and mimic the person that they lost to and say that they killed family members and then they see how many people they can get to come down there," Tangney said.

With the SWAT team stationed outside the home, authorities tried to call the teenager.  But he never answered his phone because he had his headphones on and was playing video games.

The second player is considered a potential suspect in the hoax.  Tangney said there could be a number of charges filed and they could also be forced to pay the $100,000 cost for the emergency response.


Photo Credit: Getty Images