A huge explosion leveled two buildings in East Harlem yesterday morning. So far we know that six people have died and 63 are injured. At least nine people are still missing. Officials think the explosion was caused by a gas leak but it’s still being investigated.
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Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is still missing, and there’s so much back-and-forth information being thrown around (people thought they saw debris on a satellite, others say it’s not debris; a new report says that the engine sent data for four hours after it lost contact, others find that hard to believe). A company called DigitalGlobe has crowd-sourced the search, allowing people to scour the search area via detailed satellites from the comfort of their own office chair. The site crashed yesterday but it’s back up now.
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Three people have died after a crash involving 40-to-50 cars on the Ohio Turnpike. One highway patrol trooper was seriously injured after he was pinned between two vehicles. All of the vehicles involved crashed within a 1-mile stretch. Ohio is dealing with heavy snowfall, so that obviously played a role in the crash.
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Sad news coming out of South by Southwest. A drunk driver was fleeing police when he plowed into a crowd of people, killing two. At least 23 more were sent to the hospital. The driver had to be tased; he faces two counts of capital murder.
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We may have a breakthrough in HIV prevention. A new gel has been shown to protect monkeys from contracting HIV, even if it’s applied a few hours after contact with the virus. There wasn’t 100% protection; 1 of the monkeys still contracted the virus. If it works on humans, doctors say it could be especially helpful to women living in countries where they have little protection against domestic violence or rape.
Source: nytimes.com

And a new Taco Bell app lets you order ahead and eliminate the lines. You can download the mobile app that directs you to the nearest Taco Bell location, place your order, and then pay for your meal all through your phone. Then you just walk in and pick up your food.
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And a pharmacy in North Dakota is prescribing “Monster Spray” for kids who are afraid of the dark. Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City, North Dakota has done it for a handful of kids who are afraid to go to bed. It comes in a spray bottle with a pharmacy label that says, quote, “Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary.” The latest little kid to get the spray used it for only three nights before she was satisfied that the monsters were gone.
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And a new study says that selfies are causing a rise in plastic surgery. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one in three facial plastic surgeons reported a boom in procedure requests, thank to patients being critical of their online photos. Plastic surgery patients are also reportedly getting younger.
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And a woman in Brazil kept gaining weight and she couldn’t figure out why. When she finally saw a doctor, they found…..an 88 pound tumor. Doctors say it’s actually a common tumor in women between 30 and 50 (called a mucinous cystadenoma), but they usually stay small and go away. Not this woman’s. Doctors removed it and the woman is fine.
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