A Florida woman crashed her car through the wall of a church in Fort Myers on Easter Sunday. No one was killed but nearly two-dozen people were injured. The woman said her brakes failed while she pulled into the church’s parking lot. Police said they’re treating it as an accident.

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Today is Marathon Day is Boston. Officials have said they don’t have any intel that suggests any threats. Security is obviously going to be higher today. 36,000 people will run; over a million people are expected to come and cheer them on.

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A 16-year-old boy seems to have survived hiding in the wheel well of a plane flying from San Jose to Maui. The boy claims that’s what happened. If so, he made the five hour flight in subzero temps and without supplemental oxygen.

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The underwater drone that’s searching for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is taking its ninth trip down today. The flight’s been missing for 45 days.

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Kraft is recalling 96,000 pounds of wieners. Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners have been recalled due to a packaging mistake. They may contain Classic Cheese Dogs instead of regular dogs. The problem is that the cheese dogs have milk, which is obviously a problem if you’re lactose intolerant and think you’re eating a regular wiener.

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A total of seven crewmembers have been arrested in the South Korean ferry sinking. The ferry’s captain didn’t immediately call for the evacuation of the ferry, and South Korea’s president called his and some of the crews’ actions “akin to murder.” So far, the captain is facing five different charges, including abandoning his boat and not seeking rescue from other ships. The death toll is 64 and is expected to rise. 238 people are still missing.

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And who would like some Palcohol? Powdered alcohol is now a thing. You just add it to water and boom: boozy drink. It’s already been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Trade Bureau. Flavors include “cosmopolitan,” “lemondrop,” and “powderita.” It’s not out yet but it will be soon!

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And a 9-year-old Michigan boy tripped over, and discovered, a 10,000-year-old mastodon tooth. It happened when Philip Stoll was exploring a creek and stepped on the tooth. It’s about 8 inches in length and has 6 peaks. The boy said he’d wanted to be a paleontologist before this, but now he’s sure.

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