We still don’t have a plane. Those pings we got so excited about haven’t been heard in days now. Today is day 32.
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The Senate has voted to extend unemployment benefits. Now it’s headed for the House. The Senate voted 59 to 38 in favor of a bill that would restore federal funding for extended unemployment benefits for 2.8 million Americans who are considered “long-term unemployed.”
Source: time.com

Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows XP. Since 30% of computers used by businesses and regular people run XP, this is a major problem.
Source: latimes.com

The official death toll from the mudslide in Washington state is now 33. 30-year-old Billy L. Spillers had been on the missing list. He was a Navy chief petty officer. He and his wife had four children. Two were killed in the mudslide; one was rescued, and one is still missing.
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UConn won the NCAA Championship, UConn campus lost its streetlights. Students celebrating their win smashed a window in the engineering building, flipped furniture in the student union, and broke streetlights. By 1:30am, 30 people had been arrested. The Huskies beat Kentucky 60-54. UConn and Notre Dame battle for the title tonight in women’s basketball.
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And a screening of “Noah” was canceled after the movie theatre flooded. The Vue cinema in Exeter, England had a bit of an ice machine malfunction which resulted in flooding on Friday. God was overheard giggling to Himself.
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And flipping over smart cars is the new cow tipping. Bored vandals in San Francisco have been targeting smart cars, flipping the little guys onto their side, front, or rear end. One witness said the turned-over cars look like little wiener dogs sitting on their hind legs.
Source: buzzfeed.com

And if your partner loves Twitter, watch out: a new study says that people who are active on Twitter are more likely to get into arguments that lead to cheating, breakup or divorce. However, those who were participating in the study knew they were talking about how Twitter affected their relationships, so that may have affected the results. But still, I’d panic.
Source: time.com