What started as peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri last night once again turned into violent protests. At least 31 people were arrested, many of them from out of state. Many residents have suspected that the violent protestors were not from Ferguson, and last night’s arrests confirmed that. Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson stressed, though, that the majority of the protestors in Ferguson were peaceful and law-abiding. It’s been ten days since unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson.


A new poll is showing blacks and whites are divided when it comes to the shooting that's led to more than a week of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. The Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found nearly 60% of African American adults believe officer Darren Wilson should be found guilty of murder for the death of Michael Brown. Just 17% of whites feel the same way. Without breaking that question down by race, the poll finds 23% of all American adults believe officer Wilson should be found guilty of murder, while 26% believe he acted in self-defense. Bottom line? Until the investigation is completed - no one knows what happened for sure except for the fact that a young man is dead - and that a police officer pulled the trigger.


Three members of Pope Francis’ family have been killed in a car crash this morning. It took place in Argentina. A truck hit the car of the Pope’s nephew, Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio, who was driving. Emanuel’s sons, 8-month-old Jose and 2-year-old Antonio, and his wife, Valeria, were killed. Emanuel is in critical condition.


Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is doing damage control today after he flipped off the Redskin’s bench on national TV. It happened in the third quarter of the preseason game and will likely get him a big fine. Manziel said it was a “lapse of judgment” but said he’d been dealing with almost nonstop verbal abuse from the Redskins and fans. The Browns lost 24-23.


We’re not going back into Iraq. That’s according to President Obama. In a White House press conference, he said air strikes have helped push back the ISIS advance in Iraq. U.S. airstrikes against ISIS militant targets are continuing in northern Iraq.


Tennis hottie and reigning champ Rafael Nadal has announced that he won’t be competing in this year’s US Open. He has a hurt right wrist. So now, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are your two guys to watch.


Some good news in the midst of the Ebola outbreak: Nancy Writebol, the American missionary stricken with Ebola, is now showing no signs of the disease and was able to visit with her husband on Sunday at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The worst Ebola outbreak ever seen has killed well over a thousand people in west Africa - and this weekend seventeen Ebola patients in Liberia fled from a quarantine center and are still missing.


And here’s a reminder if you live in a big city: not every car you see is an Uber. There’s a new trend of people getting into random cars because they think it’s an Uber or Lyft. One man told Gawker, quote, “Basically anytime I'm pulled over on the side of the street, someone tries to hail me or just opens my car door.” So make sure you double check your app before you randomly open a stranger’s car door and plunk your ass down.


And here’s another reason I’m not having kids: they’re too damn expensive. A new report from the US Department of Agriculture shows that a child born to a middle-income family in 2013 will cost over $245,000. That doesn’t include college, by the way. The total is up 1.8% from 2012.


And a 52-year-old male nurse in Croatia is nicknamed “The Penis Collector.” Apparently he’s been cutting the junk off dead patients, taking them home, and preserving them in jars of formaldehyde. He doesn’t have a previous criminal record, and has been described both as a family man, and an alcoholic who often came to work drunk. The cops were just tipped off about him, and arrested him for disturbing the deceased.


And a 19-year-old man from Maine was recently busted for DUI without a license, but it’s his mug shot that’s getting him a lot of attention. Robert Burt posed for his jail booking photo wearing a t-shirt that had his mug shot from a previous arrest on it. Underneath it said “Burt Family Reunion,” referring to a family member who was also incarcerated in the same jail.