Let’s go around the world quickly: Lawmakers in Ukraine are scrambling to put together a temporary government to last the country until May’s presidential elections. Ousted President Viktor Yanukovych is still on the run. In Venezuela, protests continue. President Nicholas Maduro is mad because he feels he’s being attacked by extremists; the opposition is protesting high inflation and crime rates, and because Maduro has jailed student protestors and opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. So far, 13 people have been killed. One protestor is quoted as saying, "We're fighting for our liberty. This is brutal but we've got to paralyze the city. Sadly, we have to use these techniques to overthrow the government."
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Huge news in the world of female cancers: A new study published this week shows that women with a gene mutation called BRCA1 should have their ovaries removed by the time they’re 35. Doing this can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 85-to-95%. This is the same mutated gene that Angelina Jolie announced last year that she has.
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Actor Harold Ramis has died. He was in Ghost Busters, of course, but was also a genius writer and director. He made films like “Animal House,” “Caddyshack,” and “Groundhog Day.” He died from complications due to an autoimmune disease and was only 69.
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Arizona’s anti-gay bill is now in the hands of Governor Jan Brewer. She has five days to sign, veto, or do nothing. Governor Brewer is conservative, but she’s also very pro-business, and business leaders are urging her to veto it. And the Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl 49 host committee are both voicing opposition to the bill, which carries a lot of weight.
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And if you love the Egg McMuffin, you’re about to be super happy. McDonald’s is investigating how to make their breakfast staples available later in the day. Right now, they stop serving breakfast at 10:30, but now they’re thinking about changing that rule to get more 20-and-30somethings to drag themselves in for breakfast. So far, the idea is still in its early stages.
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And you know the “Got Milk” ad campaign? It is no more. It’s been around for 20 years, but now the Milk Processor Education Program is getting rid of it and moving on to the tagline “Milk Life.” Basically, milk is getting so much competition from almond, rice and soy milk that they’re changing strategies. California is the only state that’s not going with the change.
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And everyone knows that drunk sex is sloppy sex. Now, Cosmo.com lists why drunk sex is so bad. Mostly it’s lack of coordination, exhaustion, and overall sloppiness makes drunk sex hard to have.
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And I’m about to make your life: Taco Bell has announced they’re adding the Waffle Taco to their breakfast menu. It’ll be a waffle shell with eggs, sausage or bacon, and cheese, with a side of syrup to dip that whole sumbitch into. They’re also adding other new breakfast items. All this amazingness happens March 27th.
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