A little girl was born with HIV back in 2010; she’s known as “The Mississippi baby.” She was put on antiretrovirals hours after birth, and soon stopped showing signs of the virus. Everyone thought she had been cured of HIV; now she’s back in the news because she is showing signs of infection again. Her case raised hopes that we could cure children born with HIV. She’s reportedly back on treatment.


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I told you yesterday about the prostitute who is facing charges for allegedly injecting a Google exec with heroin and then sipping wine and leaving the yacht while he died. Now, Alix Tichelman is a suspect in another possible murder. Last fall, a Georgia club owner died while Alix was with him. She called 911, reported the overdose, and then hung up on the operator. That death was reported as an accidental overdose but now police aren’t as sure.


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In LeBron news: there’s no update.

Don’t forget, today is 7-Eleven day. It’s their 87th birthday and you can get a free small Slurpee and a ¼-pound Big Bite hot dogs for $1.  Plus, starting today and going through next Saturday, you can get a coupon for a different free item on their app every day.


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And if you’re a smoker, you may have been considerate enough to wonder what your habit is doing to the loved ones in your home. But a new study out of Tufts University, Colorado State University, and others show that secondhand smoke can cause lung and nasal cancer in dogs, malignant lymphoma in cats and allergy and respiratory problems in both animals. Plus, vets confirm that when pets inhale smoke, it can bring about allergic reactions, inflammation, and worse.


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And Crumbs Bakery may not be going under. Investor and CNBC star Marcus Lemonis says he’s going to pony up the cash to rescue the cupcake chain. He’s joining forces with the guys who open Dippin’ Dots and talks are under way.


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And it takes a long time and a lot of wear to get a pair of jeans perfectly broken in and distressed. It takes years of fading and ripping that can only come with years of use, and oftentimes the “pre-distressed” jeans look fake. But now, we have Zoo Jeans, an up-and-coming Japanese brand that wraps the denim fabric used in their jeans around lion, tiger, and bear toys at a local zoo. They let the animals play until the fabric is perfectly shredded, and then they make jeans out of it! Brilliant!


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And you know how people are always seeing the face of Jesus and Mary in toast? Now a man has found the word “God” in his eggplant. A line cook at Gino’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge claims that he sliced an eggplant in half and the seeds spelled out “God.” I’m not sure if I believe it or not. Check out the picture on elvisduran.com and judge for yourself.


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And the World Cup brings with it injuries. We have a broken tibia and fractured vertebrae. But now, we have a torn anus. During Wednesday’s game against the Netherlands, Argentina player Javier Mascherano slid in to send the ball out of bounds and then doubled over in pain. In his words, “I tore the anus.” And I bet literally every person listening right now is clenching.


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Spirit Airlines is giving away free miles in exchange for hate. Spirit has tiny seats and charges you for everything, including bringing a carry-on. Execs say few airlines in the world are misunderstood as much as the low cost carrier. So now, Spirit has set up a website called Hate Thousand Miles where passengers are encouraged to "unleash the hate" on Spirit or any airline in 140 characters.  In return, Spirit will award eight-thousand free Spirit miles - almost enough for a free one-way ticket. There are obviously a ton of catches (you’ll have to fly Spirit at least once to earn the 10,000 total miles for that free one way ticket, or you can alternatively sign up for their credit card to earn the ability to book 2,500 mile one-way fares).


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