There was a shooting yesterday outside Philadelphia. A psychiatric patient reportedly walked into the Mercy Fitzgerald Wellness Center in Darby, PA with his caseworker around 2:30 yesterday. He then opened fire. The man’s caseworker, Theresa Hunt, was killed, and a doctor, Lee Silverman, was injured. Dr. Silverman had a gun with him and shot the gunman, who is now in critical condition. Authorities don’t yet have a motive.

We’re hearing that a solar flare, or “coronal mass injection,” almost hit Earth two years ago. It happened on July 23rd, 2012. Scientists say if it had happened just a week earlier, it would have been in line with Earth. It could have wiped out communication networks and GPS, and caused a mass blackout that could have lasted YEARS. For some reason, no one at NASA thought to mention this til now.

Officials say no survivors have been found at the site where an Algerian plane crashed in northern Africa. The wreckage was found in the Mali desert. It had been carrying 116 people and dropped off radar about 50 min into the flight. Officials say it’s unlikely that fighters in Mali would be able to shoot down a plane; a group of herders claim they saw the plane go down after being struck by lightning. One of the black boxes has just been discovered this morning.

The FDA has just approved a painkiller that won’t get you high. People obviously get addicted to drugs like Vicodin and OxyContin. Targiniq ER, which is a version of OxyContin, actually blocks the effects of OxyContin while also relieving pain, so it’s intended for people who don’t want to risk getting addicted. However, critics say that if doctors think it’s significantly safer, they may end up prescribing it willy-nilly instead of looking for other options.

And the mystery of the creepy dolls has been solved. People in one California community were getting freaked out because someone was leaving porcelain dolls a their doorstep. It happened to at least eight homes, and the dolls resembled the daughters that lived at each house. Police collected the dolls as evidence and worked with the families to find a connection between the homes. A woman who attends church with the families came forward and told cops she put the dolls on the doorsteps to be nice. Officers say the woman is guilty of only one thing -- freaking out some of her neighbors.

A New Jersey family of 16 siblings has struck it rich. The Endreson family bought a winning New Jersey Lottery Pick-6 ticket and will take home more than 20-million-dollars. They've been playing the lottery for years, a tradition started by their mother. The brothers and sisters, who range in age from 53 to 76, include a few Hurricane Sandy survivors who lost their homes. The tight-knit clan plans on divvying up the lump sum payment of 14-million-dollars amongst 20 people, which includes the children of one of the brothers who passed away.

And Bill Murray is continuing his personal quest to make celebrities look like nice people. According to People magazine, Joe Nicchi is the owner of a CVT Soft Serve ice cream truck in Los Angeles – and a huge Murray fan. When Nicchi heard that Murray’s latest movie, “Rock the Kasbah,” was filming on his block, he decided that he’d park his vintage-style truck near the set and host a “Bill Murray Ice Cream Social.” Word got out, and eventually Bill came by and at some ice cream. Joe said Bill was very complimentary and tried to pay, but Joe refused.