If you’re keeping up with everything that’s going on in Iraq, here’s the latest: the extremist group ISIS claims it’s executed 1,700 Iraqi soldiers on its mission to take over the country. The US is pulling out some of its staff in the Baghdad embassy.

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Casey Kasem has died. The legendary radio host had progressive dementia, and his family said the immediate cause of death was sepsis from an ulcerated bedsore. He was 82.

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The state health department says there’s a whooping cough epidemic in the US, especially in California. 800 cases have been reported in California alone. 3,458 cases of whooping cough were reported between January 1st and June 10th.

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Facebook has changed its nudity policy and is now allowing breastfeeding pics. This came after the #FreetheNipple campaign swept over social media.

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The Spurs beat the Heat 104-87 in Game 5, and are the NBA Champions. The Kings bested the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup. German golfer Martin Kaymer won the US Open. Team USA is playing our first game in the World Cup today, against Ghana.

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And if you’re looking to get a handle on your beverage habit and have $199 burning a hole in your pocket, then look into Vessyl. It’s a smart cup that recognizes whatever liquid you pour into it, breaks down how much caffeine, calories, fat, protein, etc are in it, then sends all of the info to your smartphone and tracks your hydration time. It can even tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. They’re accepting pre-orders right now for $100.

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And police arrested a 450-pound man for not wearing a seatbelt. Then they found weed, nestled in his stomach fat. He had 23 grams of marijuana up in there.

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And a woman in England saw a bee’s nest near her chimney, so she decided to start a fire to try and smoke them out. Instead, the fire almost engulfed her entire house and fire fighters had to spend four hours battling the blaze. The local fire station commander said, quote, "Lighting fires is not an effective way to clear these nests and we would encourage people not to do this."

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