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A backstage camera at the MTV Video Music Awards caught a special moment between British boy band One Direction and pop star Lady Gaga. 

After the group won the Best Song Of The Summer award on Sunday night, they were met with some boos while accepting the award. 

MTV had a "thank you cam" set up backstage at the Barclays Center where the boys stopped to thank fans again for their votes.  They then turned around to see the Mother Monster herself approaching them from behind.  It's unclear whether she knew the camera was rolling, but she's seen lining the five of them up for a quick pep talk.  

Gaga is heard saying "don't you dare let those people boo you" and "you deserve every bit of success that you have."  The camera also caught Gaga saying she felt like leaving the show because she didn't "want to be in a room like that."

She also mentioned her own performance of "Applause," in which she included pre-recorded boos because she "wanted to make a comment about that" herself. 

Photo Credit Getty Images