We first met Austin Mahone a year ago and right away we could tell that he was going to be big. Just shy of 3 million Twitter followers, it’s only a matter of time before Austin becomes a household name. The 17 year-old pop singer is currently on Taylor Swift’s “Red Tour”, a gig so many artists would die for, and his career is only getting started.

Often referred to as the “second coming of Justin Bieber”, Austin was discovered on YouTube like his Canadian counterpart. In 2012 Austin announced that he had been officially signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records after his online videos had racked up a serious following. His first singles “11:11” and “Say Somethin’” proved his staying power and today Elvis Duran WORLD DEBUTED his newest song "What About Love".

Austin is expected to release his first album this Fall. 

During his interview he opened up about touring with Taylor Swift and all the dating rumors about them, eating sushi in Japan and Grammy Award aspirations!

The strangest thing he’s ever received from a fan? Austin revealed, “I got a chair in the mail. They mailed me this huge office chair from like Office Max or something and they just gave it to me… for no reason…. It’s a great chair!” 

When asked how life has changed for him since his last visit to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in June 2012 Austin replied, “I’ve done so many things [in the past couple months]. I’ve definitely done a lot of traveling. I just got back from Japan for the first time. It was amazing….it’s like my favorite place.” He continued, “I actually had sushi for the very first time!”

Right now he occupies his time on tour. “I’m actually on tour with Taylor Swift, so that’s pretty cool! … I don’t know why people are saying that [we’re dating]. She’s 23, I’m 17. It’s a huge gap!”

 Which celebrity does he actually want to date?

“I think Rihanna is cute!” Austin admitted!

He continued about Taylor, “I was speechless [when I got the news about touring with Taylor Swift].  It’s a huge honor to be on tour with her. She’s one of the biggest artists in the world and she’s actually one of the nicest girls in the world too. It’s incredible.”

Talking about his struggles with fame and success, Austin commented, “People don’t really know… they think success is just a straight line… but if you really think about it, it’s more like a squiggly line that goes all over the place.” He continued, “Getting ready for shows, making songs and just trying to get the hits out there… people think that you put a song out there one day and it blows up the next…. Everything takes time.”

When asked about his future career aspirations Austin jumped at the chance to answer: “I definitely want to win a Grammy for sure. Also I want to go on my own World Tour.”

You can pre-order his song “What About Love" on iTunes right now!