August 8th




Know those moments when you are so hungry but you are too lazy to do anything, even pick up the phone and call in an order? No more stressing, now there's the Push For Pizza app - all you do is tap the pizza button and you'll get pizza. With the free app you'll only put in your delivery and credit card info once. After pushing the pepperoni or cheese pizza button the next thing you'll have to do is get up off your butt and answer the door plus the tip is included in your payment! The app selects a pizza place in your area to deliver the pizza.




One of the best parts about going on vacation is finding new boutiques to shop unique and original clothes that no one else back home will have. The worst part about vacation is that you can't take that boutique home with you...or can you? brings  local boutiques from all over the world to your finger tips! The golden rule to having a boutique sell through Shoptiques is that they must carry items not found anywhere else. This guarantees you an original item that no one else you know will have...just don't tell them about Shoptiques!