March 19th

We've all been there. The walk of shame. And during that walk you're always thinking about how you could have been more prepared so you would look like less of a prostitute. Here's your solution:The Walk of Shame Kit. For only $34.99 you'll get a can filled with a dress, flip flops, a backpack, sunglasses, pre-pasted toothbrush, wipes, and call/don't call note card to leave behind. Guys, if you're feeling nice, you should buy a bunch and keep them stashed for ladies when they come over! The can is small enough to fit in a purse so if you're on a date he will never know your intentions!

It’s wedding season! I have friends who are in several weddings in the next few months and it’s costing them so much money! If only they and the brides would have known about Vow to be Chic, an online site that rents out bridesmaid dresses. These aren’t just any bridesmaid dresses, they are designer dresses, ranging in price from $95-$125. That beats paying the average of $300 for a dress you’re never going to wear again! The bride picks out the dress then the bridesmaids send in their sizes. They will receive two dresses in different sizes to try on well before the wedding. The dresses get sent back and Vow to be Chic sends out the final dress before the wedding. Another is, Little Borrowed Dress. Same idea but you can rent or buy the dress. The prices to rent are around $50 and to own the dress it will cost you at least $150. The cool part about Little Borrowed Dress is how they send out color swatches! Everything always looks different online, the color swatch is a huge help for a bride. Why should guys get off so easy renting tuxes? It’s about time! Ladies, when getting married, help your bridesmaids out!