James Purefoy stopped through to chat with Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show. James portrays Joe Carroll on Fox's The Following. He described America's fascination with his character and went on to say "He's messed up in such a complicated way. And the audience feels so complicated about him because on the one hand, they really enjoy his company and then moments later they are sort of horrified that they've enjoyed his company quite so much."

Elvis went on to ask James what he's learned about himself while playing a serial killer. James went on to say "I find that there are pools of darkness that you can draw on that you had no idea where there. Within the moment between action and cut. There's things that happen that when they say cut you kind of wake up from it and say wow that was scary." Make sure to tune in to watch The Following, Monday nights at 9pm on Fox. Check out the interview below.

Photos: The Following's James Purefoy In-Studio