PHOTOS: Lady Gaga In-Studio

The Mother Monster stopped by to chat with Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show. She had her most candid interview to day. Lady Gaga opened up to Elvis about what she went through to become a star.

 “I went through so much before I became a star that I’ve never shared with my fans. I don’t share it because I share it through the music. And I really share through the music on this album. Nothing that I face now is even close to as hard as it was before I got here. What I went through in the business I was just a little girl from New York in a very male dominated industry. It’s very scary, it was really intense and it changed me not in a good way. It made me hard and it made me kind of vacant and insecure and that’s when I started to put on all the wigs and all of the outfits. Because Through transformation I was able to free myself from all of those insecurities, I was able to become somebody else.

Check out the full interview below.