PHOTOS: Lady Gaga In-Studio

Lady Gaga stops through to chat with Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show on the eve of Artpop's release. She discussed performing in space in 2015 and what she'll need to do in order to prepare for this once in a lifetime performance. 

She is very passionate about her latest project and went on to say: "The album is about joy, the album is about me coming into my own. I don't need to change my image with every single album. There's this incredible pressure on female artists that we have to re-invent ourselves between each record... I want my fans to know that you really just need one good idea. And I feel like this pressure that the public puts on you to have several good ideas over and over again until you die. this is actually not reality. One good idea if you put into the world and bring good things to people, this is what will last forever."

Check out the interview below.