Ed Sheeran had his first show of the tour tonight! The set list is lovely, but many notable tracks are missing. I'm not trying to complain... The man could sing "Happy Birthday" 32 times and I would still probably cry. But I need to hear "Dive", "Barcelona", "Nancy Mulligan", and "Supermarket Flowers" live!!!!

One other thing was noticeably missing tonight... HE FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THE CROWD😭. I've seen Ed Sheeran more times than I can count, and it has always been so special to have a memory of that concert on his Instagram account. Please never forget the photo ever again. I wasn't even there, and I missed it so much.

We also got our first glimpse of the stage tonight!! It's more than just a loop pedal this time around. We've been graced with an artistic backdrop that features different images for different songs. The simple loop pedal and microphone stand will be missed, but I can't wait to see this new set-up live!

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