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Erica America

Erica America is a vibrant Multimedia Personality spanning Radio, Television, and the Internet, in all of its social media glory. Her unique work is connected by one focal point, the strength of her voice and her vision, which is apparent in everything she says and does. She insightfully takes her fans on an inspirational journey of self-love, curiosity & self-awareness, all while providing a killer back-drop of the latest & hottest in pop-culture. She calls her work #PopTherapy, an interesting, super fun mix of psychology, inspiration, and pop-culture updates. This is not your usual boring psychology information. This is also not your usual superficial celebrity news. Erica's personality is an engaging & dynamic blend of knowledge & inspiration, giving people ideas and concepts that are really unique & uplifting. 

Erica America can be seen on TV appearances like "Dr. Drew On Call' on HLN TV where she comments on trending psychological news stories, or Fuse's 'Absolute Pop' where she has analyzed different pop artists and their formula for success. Erica can be heard weekly on The World Famous Z100 New York (2010-present), on Nick Radio (2012-present), as well as across the Internet through very active social media. She was previously an On-Air personality at WBLI in Long Island from 2006-2010 before her move to Z100. As a multimedia personality, she often showcases her voice through live-tweeting events, receiving hundreds of ‘retweets’ or "likes", many from major celebrities, proving her connection to her intended target market and her ability to relate to people. Spreading love, positivity and helpful information to as many people as possible has always been one of Erica’s goals.

Erica is also a licensed Psychotherapist, LMHC. She infuses this background/knowledge of psychology and therapy into her analysis of pop-culture news and updates with her #PopTherapy, specifically calling her expertise on pop-culture "pop-culture analysis". It is a much deeper way of looking into the major/”popular” stories that affect our nation/world, a way that turns it around on the viewer/listener. She makes it about them and how they personally can relate to the people involved.

Beginning her broadcast career on MTV in 2001 in their VJ competition, Erica later founded celebrity interview website in 2005, known for unique and edgy video interviews with emerging artists. She hosted videos for Heeb Magazine, was Spin Magazine's Warped Tour Reporter in 2006 and has written for Yellow Rat Bastard Magazine. She has commentated on multiple television shows including Showbiz Tonight, The Dr. Drew Show, Fuse TV (Absolute POP, Trending 10, The F List), as well as on Sirius Satellite Radio's Howard 101.

Erica graduated from The George Washington University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Communication. She went on to receive a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College and later received her license in Mental Health Counseling. Using both her background in psychology and her intense enthusiasm for everything "pop culture", Erica fuses entertainment and analytic insight as a dynamic television, radio, and multimedia personality.

Connect with Erica on Instagram + Twitter: @TheEricaAmerica💖


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