The Oscars Red Carpet 2014 is on and you know we are hooking you up! Pharrell looks great in a very unique look that only he could pull off! No, he's not wearing his infamous hat from the Grammy's! That's certainly not easy to pull off! He has an exciting night ahead, an Oscar nomination PLUS his new album GIRL drops at midnight!

Wow! Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing in red Dior!! She did have a fall AGAIN this year.. but this time on the red carpet. But don't worry she was fine and laughing about it in true J-Law spirit!

Another unique Oscar look comes from nominee Jared Leto! He said he almost never wears suits so this was a big deal for him! He rocked the red carpet in all white! Ryan Seacrest and Mathew McConaughey were also men in white! #TrendAlert

And one of our favorite couples John Legend and Chrissy Teigen also showed up looking gorgeous!


And one of the most-talked about actresses this year is definitely Lupita Nyong'o. Check her out in this blue masterpiece! What's your favorite Oscar look this year???


Photo Credit: Getty Images