Jordin Sparks wore a bikini on the red carpet for a pool party she attended with her boyfriend Jason Derulo and she looked beautiful! She explains in her Instagram photo caption that it really was a HUGE STEP for her to do this. I know a lot of women (including me) can relate to not being super confident when wearing a bathing suit and having body image issues in general. I'm happy that Jordin says she is growing as a person and her self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence are on the rise!


Much love and happiness to you Jordin!



Erica America


Here is Jordin's caption:


"My bathing suit today! BIG step for me to wear something like this on a carpet. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it was for a pool party...but for ME, this was HUGE. I'm still learning more about my health & body confidence everyday! I always want to keep growing! Some of the pics might look crazy & that's okay! Will there be some unflattering angles? Yeah. Will I have some jiggle here, some flab there? YUP. Am I continuously working to be fit & healthy? SURE AM! I've come a long way from where I was! I love my life! I love who I am & who I'm becoming!! One step at a time...☺️👙💪 (This bathing suit is Pan Dulce from the mid 90's. My parents owned a tanning salon for a bit & when they closed it, I kept all the extra suits. They didn't fit me then but they sure do now! I JUST took the tag off of this one today!! Wedges: @louboutinworldSunglasses: @lindafarrow ultimate cat-eye. In LOVE with these!)"