Miley Cyrus is THRILLED to be feeling better, out of the hosital, and BACK on her Bangerz Tour where she belongs. She killed it in London wearing designers The Blonds. The designers took  awesome photos of her (above) wearing their one-of-a-kind creations.


Miley seemed to be so pumped to be back, she posted the video above on her Instagram of her in slow motion throwing a flower vase all over the place and spilling water everywhere. Lil John's "Turn Down For What" blasts in the background, letting us know Miley's BACK AND PUMPED to perform!


As for the "drug overdose" rumors, Miley addressed them and said they were untrue. She reiterated that she had a bad reaction to a prescribed medication and fortunately is now feeling better with the help of vitamins.



Erica America