Selena Gomez looks stunningly beautiful, joyous and free on her trip to Nepal as Unicef Ambassador. She spents lots of time with children in need, laughing and playing, finding out what they have been through and what their days are now like in the classroom. UNICEF helps the children of Nepal live a better life and Selena has been Youth Ambassador since 2009.


This trip seems to be exactly what Selena needed at this time. Not only did it feel great to connect with the children, it also seems to have helped Selena find some inner peace and "take her power back" after a rocky time with ex boyfriend Justin Bieber. Recently Justin has been posting pics with a number of girls, and as anyone knows it doesn't feel good to see that so soon from an ex. I hope the positive energy Selena feels from her trip continues ain her everyday life and she looks within to find the happiness she needs.


Remember guys, no relationship with guy (or girl) can complete you! It's looking within and discovering yourself that can help you feel fulfilled. Looks like Selena is on her way! Photos from Selena's Instagram & Hollywood Life's Instagram.



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