Well sort of! Solange makes her first statement since the video was released of her fighting with Jay Z in the elevator while Beyonce stood by.


Though earlier in the week she reportedly deleted all of her pictures with Beyonce on her Instagram, today she posted this Throwback Thursday picture of her and her sister with the caption "#tt".  


Does this mean she is saying she and Bey are on good terms?? Do you think she will make an actual statement explaining what happened to end the wild spectulation that has been going on since the video leaked?


I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I feel bad that their privacy was invaded and don't feel they should have to explain the inner secrets of their family, but on the other hand, now that it HAS been made public, it makes sense to add some clarity to the video.


And as we earlier posted, The Standard Hotel employee who took a cell phone video of the video has been fired. Read more here.



Erica America