Hey lovelies!


Mondays can be hard.. we all know that. But the smallest gesture from my local coffee place yesterday really made my day! I'm there all the time to blog for Z100 and such, and as they handed me my usual iced coffee they said "Don't worry about it…" So they gave it to me for free even though I tried to insist on paying.. haha.. and then when I walked away I noticed it said "Happy Monday!" I had a busy day ahead of me but that little bit of kindness really stayed with me! When was the last time a moment of kindness happened to you???


Later I was on "Dr Drew On Call" on HLN as I am every week on Monday and Wednesday, and stopped a moment to "chat" with Dr. Drew, who films the show from LA while I'm in NYC. Last week was cool though because he was in NYC so we got to do the show from the same place (see photo above).


And this past weekend, how amazing was the weather?? It was warm enough to on my favorite nature walk near my house, and I saw the miniature goats I haven't seen all winter! I love them, they're adorable and so calm! They remind me of my 3 doggies, haha. Sometimes a little bit of nature can be REALLY good for your health!


Today may not be as nice in the Tri-State area, it's rainy and dark, but I stll hope you have a great Tuesday!!!



Erica America