Ok, my loves. We must discuss the awesome-ness that was 5 Seconds Of Summer at the Billboard Music Awards tonight. I have been really liking these guys for a while & I was bummed I didn't get to meet them when they came on Elvis Duran & The Z100 Morning Show. There's always next time!


I just want to say I think they did an INCREDIBLE job on their Billboard Music Awards performance! They SOUNDED great which was so important, and, of course, they looked adorable (which we figured would happen).


As I tweeted last night, there is just SOMETHING about 5SOS's sound, their music, their energy, the charisma of the band members, their look.. that is just GOLDEN. Their sound hit me the way NSYNC's sound hit me when I was just a teen like many of you! :) It's not easy to do this: to perfectly encapsulate "YOUTH" and the energy and excitement of endless possibilities that goes along with being young.


5 Seconds Of Summer Is Doing It!! Yeah, man, I said it! I see big things for them in the coming years.


Ok- let's get back to the show!! Tweet me your thoughts @EricaAmericaOnZ! And you can always find me on Instagram --> theEricaAmerica. 



Erica America