Hot Hot Heat!!! Lily Allen dressed up like Beyonce and ROCKED OUT dancing and singing to "Drunk In Love" doing her best Beyonce impression!!! It all went down at London's G-A-Y Club over the weekend. The videos are from a fan Instagram account.


Lily recently gave a shout out to Jay Z in her song "Sheezus" and days later she performed her version of Beyonce's monster hit. She wore a sheer black dress over a black bikini similar to what Bey wore in the video, and rocked a short blonde Beyonce bob as well. Watch her get drenched in water and do Beyonce's signature bounce that she does on the beach in the video!!


Now some people said that she was mocking Beyonce, but I don't see it that way at all! I think she is paying tribute to the great Queen Bey! This shows Lily Allen has a great sense of humor and she's not afraid to have a little fun!


What do you think of Lily's performance??



Erica America