Guys, this makes me SO happy you don't even know! I'm a huge Britney Spears fan. She inspired me to do what I do back in the day when she first started. Though she's experienced many bumps in the "road" I have always supported her and wanted the very best for her. And it seems like I'm not alone!


Zoe Saldana, who co-starred in "Crossroads" with Britney back in 2002, recently spoke very highly of Britney. When a caller called in to Bravo's WWHL and asked if she heard the un-autotuned audio of Britney singing, Zoe quickly spoke about the "huge amount of respect" she has for Britney. I always liked Zoe, but now I love her more! We need more of people standing up for eaching rather than tearing people down! Enjoy!



Erica America