MKTO stopped by Z100 to chat with Garrett about their upcoming album and life on tour with Emblem3!

Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller started out as best friends putting music up on YouTube and now they have a self titled album coming out on April 1st! When asked why people should buy their new album, they said that they're not trying to make anything specific and that they are simply making good music that they love to make. They are excited to share their new songs with fans, describing them as 11 different stories of things they have gone through over the past year.

The duo looks up to many different artists in the industry, including Ne-Yo who they got to work with on a dance track called "Could Be Me" featured on their new album. They also mentioned their admiration for Justin Timberlake, who balances his career so well. But when asked who is on their bucketlist to work with in the future they mentioned Lorde and Taylor Swift!

Make sure to check out two songs that are already out, "Classic" and "Thank You," and catch them on tour in the US this summer!

Watch the full interview here: