Aloe Blacc stopped by to talk with JJ about his journey in music thus far.

The soulful singer who made an appearance on The Voice, explained why he was so harsh on the contestants explaining that he needed to be tough on them because they were going into battle, they cant hear things that aren’t true.

Along with eh voice, Blacc explained that he doesn’t want performing to be his career.  He looks at performing as his hobby and dreams about going into the business end of the music industry.  As he loves the idea of discovery, he talked about how he never had the intention of singing and that he just learned how to write songs that matched his voice.

Avicii just so happens to be one of the first artist who really helped put Blacc on the map after he collaborated with the EDM superstar on the hit Wake Me Up.  He explained that Avicii was looking for a soul singer and just so happened to stumble upon him.

Aloe Blacc will be joining Bruno Mars on tour (although he has never met the star himself) and said he feels honored to be a part of the show and that this is just the beginning of his journey in music.  Watch the whole video and check out some of the photos from the interview!

Aloe Blacc Interview

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