B.o.B stopped by the studio talking about performing jitters, working with Priscilla and his plans for 4/20!

The rapper, who showed up tot the studio in a party bus, talked about how he doesn’t get nervous anymore when performing on stage.  He says the flow comes to him naturally and he just lets everything go to put on a performance. 

He also talks about working with Priscilla on his song John Doe, who he claims is amazing.  He describes his experiences with her in the studio saying that she doesn’t need much direction and is constantly amazed by her talent.  He also told us about how they recorded the song together in the same studio which doesn’t seem to happen anymore between artists.

He also talks about his plans on the infamous holiday 4/20 where he will be in Denver Colorado at the Cannabis Club.  Check out the video and photos of the interview!

B.o.B In-Studio Video

In-Studio Photos


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